Landscape Architecture in BC

Landscape architecture is an exciting and diverse profession that combines respect for the natural environment, with an understanding of how people use and experience outdoor space. Landscape architects provide creative, rational design at a range of scales, from regional land planning work, to the detailed design of private gardens. The profession focuses on the integration of human activities into the natural environment by providing functional, economically viable designs that respond to the aesthetic and cultural context.  Landscape architects typically engage in planning and design, budget consultation, site analyses, reports and studies, preparation of construction documents, contract administration, and field reviews.

The BC Society of Landscape Architects (BCSLA) is the professional organization dedicated to furthering the development of standards of landscape architectural practice, and to the advancement of knowledge and skills relating to landscape planning, design, and management throughout the province of British Columbia.

Landscape architects practicing in BC design civic plazas, institutional facilities, transportation corridors, residential developments, private gardens, schools, parks, and resorts. Other projects focus on historic preservation, restoration, reclamation, and conservation. Landscape architects are increasingly recognized for their site planning and project management skills, and are actively engaged in both developing and applying sustainable design and development practices.