CSLA Landscape Portfolio

From mountains to wetlands to desert to ocean, the interconnected landscapes of British Columbia profoundly affect and inspire all that come in contact with the uniqueness of this land. Weather patterns offer a lens which changes our perspective and appreciation of the landscape over time. The search for cool shade and water in the desert during the summer is replaced with the need for warmth and enclosure when a snow storm hits. The roar of an approaching wind in a majestic grove of trees is contrasted with the stillness of a pond’s surface in the early morning hours.

To experience these changes we must leave the comforts of the built environment and step into the natural landscape prepared to patiently observe processes which remain inexorably beyond our control. The ability to capture such moments with a camera lens provides us with a glimpse into the experiences that have influenced the photographer. The resulting images challenge us to appreciate the intricacies of our wildly varied landscapes. To see the complete Canadian Portfolio visit http://www.clp-ppc.org/.

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